Charlotte Brontë Candle

Charlotte Brontë Candle

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Brontë, Charlotte (1816-1855) - blends of juniper and forest greens combined with jasmine, green apple and musk. Jane Eyre, Villette, Shirley...

  • 100% natural soy wax
  • Braided, cotton wicks
  • Burn time:
    • 8oz., 35-40 hrs.
    • 16oz., 70-75 hrs.

All Oldfield Anthology candles are infused with one or more essential oils, blended with 100% natural soy wax from American farm-grown soybeans, and lovingly hand-poured and packaged in pastoral Princeton, Massachusetts. Braided, all-cotton wicks contribute to a cleaner and longer burn-time as well.

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